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Shift Left? Shift Everywhere!

What direction do we go after we’ve shifted left? How about everywhere else!

MaTTeo DeCaPa

3-Minute Read

Shift Everywhere

The notion of shifting left has been a best practice by application security practitioners, devOps engineers, and application security tool vendors for a long time. Shift Left is a term used to reflect the practice of identifying weaknesses and vulnerabilities as quickly as possible, while minimizing development friction. The advantage to identifying issues early on, results in better security, agility, and cost efficiencies.

Opensource AppSec for DevOps

Adversaries appreciate your slashed AppSec tools budget, but you don't! Here is a way to fill the gap with with opensource alternatives.

MaTTeo DeCaPa

7-Minute Read

Opensource AppSec

Q: Is it possible for a commercial enterprise to implement an application security program with only opensource tools?

The Graph (GRT) Whitepaper Review

Making Web3 Queryable

MaTTeo DeCaPa

6-Minute Read

The Graph

Searching for meaningful information from blockchain data and decentralized storage (IPFS) is extremely difficult. To begin, data stored on a blockchain is transactional and based sequentially upon when the transaction was added to the chain. A traditional database is relational but blockchains are not. Imagine having to search thru every block beginning with the genesis block to the most recent to find what you are looking for. It will not only be slow, but the amount of processing and…

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