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My First IPFS-Based Post

Attempting to understand IPFS by creating a Hello World Program

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Through the Looking Dapps

Figuring out IPFS and Web3


Hello IPFS! I just created a very simple page using IPFS. Like all well-intentioned, beginner bloggers ... more to come!

Navigation can be tricky in IPFS. You must have an understanding of Merkel Trees because changing will result in a changed CID. Also, it is important to make a blog that will run on both the IPFS protocol and legacy https.

Another working title is "My Dlog", a combination of decentralized and log. It takes it's name from "Blog", which stands for Web Log. The ContentID will change every time the file is changed, but by using IPNS The name (reference to the content) will remain the same. While simple, the few pages, images, and links provide everything that I'd need to test to prove out a basic understanding of what is needed to correctly construct a static Dlog site hosted on IPFS.

In the future, I will utilze a blogging solution with pretty themes and get away from this pre-2000's web site look and feel.

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